KUNSTFLOW is where awareness rules the magic

Exploring, inspiring, enabling... This is the way we are supposed to live and work.

Our world needs more appreciation for creative spontaneity in the making.

KUNSTFLOW as the Synthesis of the Social Arts can help creative makers to find and position themselves by inspiring their locals and the rest of the world.

Are you excessively creative, inspired and interested in different things?
Do you feel like life artist, designing life circumstances?

If so, you can be part of KUNSFLOW as genre-independent improvised creation of artful moments. Then you may identify yourself with the following Kunstflow Mindset.
Explore by Acting. Steer by Inspiring. Support by Enabling.

Kunstflow Impro Fusion Act





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Do you only feel happy when you create impact?

No matter which generation you belong to or which background you have - with this setting you can inspire contemporaries to be creative by establishing your own local Kunstflow Community.
As a Steering Curator you have minimal management effort and maximum art flow - good for concerned and careful leaders.
​In the role of Kunstflow Curator you can also initiate Kunstflow Creative Foundations - problem solving Workshops for viable solutions.

Are you an active, versatile artist with diverse potential?
No matter what genre you work in. In the Kunstflow Community you can use a quality attention to develop your talents. Even if you're a popular star, you can use Kunstflow Events to show you not yet profiled creative sides.
Either Steerer or Actor, you belong to the global Kunstflow Friends & Makers Community.
So what ist KUNSTFLOW?
It is not just a way of conceptual art, but a way of thinking, lifestyle and principle of empowering creative leadership.



Original for Originals

  • KUNSTFLOW was originated as a contemplative Synthesis of the Social Arts by Dr. Leon Tsvasman. Since late 2009 in Beethoven City of Bonn, Germany, the spirit of KUNSTFLOW has been embodied in improvised community happenings, moderated and steered by its originator as a voluntary hobby.

  • KUNSTFLOW is realized in a life steered flow of authentic Acts, performed by multitalented actors of all genres, located in various places. The original networks Kunstflow Friends & Makers Community and Kunstflow Academy of Social Arts are frequented by numerous fans. So far KUNSTFLOW has emerged beyond any profit orientation as an artful realized interplay of awareness and artistic potential.

  • All audiovisual snapshots or other artifacts created during the emergence of KUNSTFLOW are part of a continuous interdisciplinary Synthesis of the Art "in a vertical time of poetic actuality" that can not be reduced to a collection of autonomous Acts.

  • KUNSTFLOW has grown locally at its core. For the first time in History you have the chance to help shaping the unique concept globally to enrich your creative life and to support your like-minded contemporaries.

  • The strange name comes from the fusion of the German word "art" and the English "flow", which corresponds to the otherwise eclectic character of Kunsflow aesthetics.

  • In capital letters, KUNSTFLOW is mentioned as a single, comprehensive name - in contrast to Kunstflow Foundations, Kunstflow Social Arts, Kunstflow Steerer, or Kunstflow Community.

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Social by Synthesis of the Arts
KUNSTFLOW Philosophy

Target groups, genders, generations, cultures, demographic characteristics and whatever. 
The mainstream divides us to better sell specific contents.
It is definitely not a crime, but if you divide, you also have to differentiate, then it is social. With KUNSTFLOW you do.
In Kunstflow Community you have all generations and all cultures in a permanent Synthesis of Social Arts.
In a world, dominated by mainstream, specialization and concurrence, it is not easy to be a highly creative potential. But future belongs to us - in the roles of mentors, motivators or leaders.
And till then is just important to stay relevant not letting standards to trivialize you. 
If you believe in this future, support KUNSTFLOW by curating, steering, acting, and spreading its spirit.
KUNSFLOW is a kind of Social, where one can stay independent, individual and integer. 
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Why should you enable, support or sponsor Kunstflow?

  • You share the values of creativity and authenticity

  • Are you a creative decision-maker out of conviction and want to support like-minded people?

  • You want to enable local talents globally providing them with highly valuable attention 

  • You want to have priority access to leaders of the future?

  • You believe that not only large Initiatives are worth being supported

  • You value local idiosyncrasies as global advantages?

  • "Individual", "authentic", "made for real humans" are attitudes of your own products or services.

If at least three of these answers are correct, you personal or corporate Values and Kunstflow Philosophy fit together.

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The Mission of Kunstflow

Dr. Leon Tsvasman

I believe that after the pandemic crisis, the creative values will have more influence than those of industrial culture production. The mega-events with a lot of entertainment and little meaning give way to ambient events with intellectual and artistic authenticity. 
We will appreciate more reflection than distraction, less technical perfection, but more human authenticity. At the same time, the world is becoming more connected, glocal and aware.


Virtual Community Events

  • Kunstflow Flow-VIRT Volume 2020-First
    29. März 2020, 19:00 MESZ
    The first Kunsflow Event in a Flow-VIRT format with a LIVE steered Mix of streamed, blended and implemented media.
  • Kunstflow Glocal VIRT-Up Festival ONE
    22. März 2020, 12:00 MEZ – 12. Apr. 2020, 00:00 MESZ
    Kunstflow Glocal VIRT-Up Festival is the first Kunstflow Community Festival of this kind. The rules are simple: Just post your Acts with Hashtags #KunsflowGlocal #Kunsflow on Instagram or YouTube. It will be manually monitored and presented here!


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Danke für's Absenden!